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About Pinx

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Pinky Cooper
from Payroll Accountant to Foodpreneur

Back when there were bookstores, the first thing Pinky Cooper, Owner/Founder of Pinx Catering would do was head straight to the cookbook section. A self-proclaimed foodie frequenting different restaurants in the Bay, she would recreate the dishes at home. "I found out I wasn’t so bad in the kitchen and that’s when it all started….cooking for my friends and family." She loved hosting her family and friends for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whether it was a table for 4 or didn’t matter.


"There’s just something about putting a smile on someone’s face, it made me feel warm inside.  I don’t know if it was the happy faces eating or the sound of laughter among friends, probably a little of both." 


Pinx Catering had its official start at the "Vote for Your Vendor" food contest hosted by La Cocina and Whole Foods in 2011, making their debut with Sweet Potato Pie Waffles and Salted Bourbon Caramel Sauce. The festival created some buzz, so Pinky took a leap of faith. On 11/11/11, she walked away from her full-time job.


"I walked away with tears rolling down my face. I couldn't believe I was really doing this!"


Here we are 10 years later and Pinky still gets that same warm feeling after a sweet baby shower, successful wedding or during a large corporate conference.


"I am so humbled that I have the opportunity to curate events and meetings and provide fabulous food, beautiful presentation and amazing service."


It is absolutely ALL in the details whether it’s a corporate boxed meal event or a huge elaborate wedding. The Pinx mission is to create a memorable experience with style, flavor and quality at the forefront of our events and celebrations. 

It is all about the relationships

In the course of a year, a person typically has 3-4 life events which they may cater (milestone birthday, wedding, anniversary, or baby shower) but most people won't cater all of them. It is our goal to become that go to caterer for ALL your events. 

And for our corporate clients,..that goal is no different. Here are a few of our most beloved clients

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We get by with a little help from our friends...

Our go to resource for all rentals

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Woman owned and operated local roaster & coffeehouse

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