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Poached Egg Sandwich

Welcome to Pinx      

From the beginning we have always believed food, service and presentation are the key considerations for any event. Over the past 11+ years, our experience has taught us that we are in the experience business; food, service and presentation are the media with which we work. In our minds your guests' experience are your concern, so that is our mission. And on the day of your event, someone will eat something memorable.

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Lunch Table

An Innovative Concept from Founder / CEO Pinky Cooper

If people are eating, the food should be tasty. Large groups, meetings, and gatherings, should not be accepted exemptions. Why can't we enjoy what we eat? Why can't the buffet table be a beautiful extension of the event? Why can't the staff treat every guest like a beloved grandmother? We aren't a food and beverage company, we make memories. 

Food + service + presentation = a memorable experience. 

"Each event is as unique as a fingerprint. It is our job to marry the food, service and presentation to your vision, so your guests have a memorable experience."

Founder & Chief Experience Officer Pinky Cooper

Salmon Steak with Vegetables


Full Service

When your event has multiple considerations and details, this level of will allow you to spend your event alongside your guests enjoying the fruits of your planning. 

Limited Service

When your event needs a little more than "just the food" but not quite attendants, this level will hit all the right notes. 


when your event / meeting only calls for food, this level is a can't miss.

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